Public housing to be converted into SUTD’s student hostel

SINGAPORE: For the first time, a block of public housing will be converted into a university student hostel.

A 12-storey block at Dover Road will soon be the new home for students of the Singapore University of Technology and Design for the next three years.

It is one of nine blocks of flats which had been vacated under the HDB’s Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS).

The university had managed to leased it from the Ministry of Education to accommodate its students.

Residence is mandatory for all students in their first three terms.

The experience is part of the delivery of SUTD’s unique curriculum and pedagogy.

The hostel, named ‘6 degrees’ by the students, will house six students in each unit where two students will share a bedroom.

Melissa Lim, who is a first year student at SUTD, explained: “The basic concept of this ‘6 degrees’ is the six degrees of separation where we as a connection of six people, are able to reach out to the world.”

Located next to the university campus at Dover Drive, the hostel is just a three-minute walk out of the campus gate.

Students are expected to move into the hostel by the end of April.

Lim Teck Leong, senior manager (Office of Campus Development), at SUTD, said: “we realised that next door to our campus is this precinct undergoing en-bloc and we started having this idea of developing our own hostel instead of looking for a commercial operator.”


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